Over the years, many people at MIT have been a part of our research.  Here's a list of current and former MIT collaborators.  If you notice someone that is missing, please let us know!

Group photo. May 2018.

Some shorthand notation used below:

Current MIT senior collaborators

  • Dr. Steven Allmaras, Research Engineer
  • Dr. Marshall Galbraith, Research Engineer

Current MIT post-doctoral collaborators

  • Dr. Lucien Rochery

Current MIT graduate student collaborators

  • Hyun Young Ryu, doctoral student, CSE/MechE
  • Marcos Botto Tornielli, masters student, CSE
  • Renato Trono Figueras, masters student, AA
  • Carmen Ursachi, doctoral student, AA
  • Emily Williams, doctoral student, AA
  • Chris Womack, masters student, AA

Current undergraduate student collaborators

  • Emily Albornoz, AA, MIT
  • David Goba, MechE, UMBC
  • Amanda Medina, MechE, MIT

Former MIT graduate student collaborators (with current location)

  • Garrett Barter, PhD 2008, AA (National Renewable Energy Laboratory)
  • Sean Bradshaw, SM 2002, AA (also PhD 2006, AA.  Pratt & Whitney)
  • Philip Caplan, PhD 2019, CSE (Middlebury College)
  • Hugh Carson, PhD 2019, CSE (Amazon Prime Air)
  • Laslo Diosady, PhD 2011, AA (Pratt & Whitney Canada)
  • John Duffner, SM 2008, AA (United States Navy)
  • Krzysztof Fidkowski, PhD 2007, AA (University of Michigan)
  • Cory Frontin, PhD 2022, AA (National Renewable Energy Laboratory)
  • Victor Garzon, PhD 2003, AA (Bain & Company)
  • Arthur Huang, PhD 2020, AA (Draper Laboratory)
  • Yixuan Hu, SM 2016, AA (Dassault Systèmes)
  • Savithru Jayasinghe, PhD 2018, CSE (Aramco Services)
  • Jun Kudo, SM 2014, CDO (Lawrence Livermore National Security)
  • Joshua Krakos, PhD 2012, AA (Lunminary Cloud)
  • Caroline Lamb, SM 2005, AA (also PhD 2009, AA.  Lincoln Laboratory)
  • Jerome Lavainne, SM 2003, AA (Airbus)
  • Eric Liu, SM 2011, AA (Yelp)
  • James Lu, PhD 2005, AA
  • James Modisette, PhD 2011, AA (Mathworks)
  • Curtis Moeckel, SM 2006, AA (General Electric Aviation)
  • Steven Ojeda, SM 2014, AA (SpaceX)
  • Toluloupe Okusanya, PhD 2002 (co-advised with Prof. Jaime Peraire), AA (Sandia National Laboratories)
  • Todd Oliver, PhD 2008, AA (University of Texas, Oden Institute for Computational Engineering & Sciences)
  • Michael Park, PhD 2008, AA (Luminary Cloud)
  • Ricardo Powell, SM 2002, AA
  • Douglas Quattrochi, SM 2006, AA (MassLandlords)
  • Vince Sidwell, PhD 2004, AA (Pratt & Whitney)
  • Haufei Sun, PhD 2013, AA (ExxonMobil)
  • David Venditti, PhD 2002, AA (Bombardier Aerospace)
  • Carlee Wagner, SM 2015, AA (CD-adapco)
  • Masayuki Yano, PhD 2012, AA (University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies)
  • Shun Zhang, PhD 2022, AA (Meta)